Early Morning

Stillness and silence of an early morning walking as the sun rise, before anyone is awake. The day is a new canvas, washed clean. Ann B Summer Trifle Festival 2023


Alice (8) would like a song about the beautiful colours of autumn leaves Summer Trifle Festival 2023

Belle tout

Coastal erosian, Seaford river moved to Newhaven in a great storm. Belle Tout lighthouse move, Birling Gap Cottages, the power of the sea and nature. David Summer Trifle 2023  

The Return of the Chough to Kent

The return of the chough to kent (a jackdaw sized corvid with red feet and bill) It’s been reintroduced to the white cliffs of Dover after 3 long years. It’s a legendary bird found in the coat of arms of Canterbury since legend suggests it got its red ness...