“… so subtle and easy is the music that you don’t realise the stiletto has arrived until it’s slid in…”
RnR Magazine

“…elements and overtones reminiscent of the Moody Blues, praise indeed!”
Living Tradition

“… It is some of the most heart-warming and uplifting music I’ve heard in a while.”
Spiral Earth

“The Holloway…an album of charm, of sincerity, of interpretation of how to transfix a crowd without once ever letting go of belief”
Liverpool Sound & Vision

From under the gaze of the East Sussex Wilmington Giant, Milton Hide (Jim Tipler and Jo Church) tell stories through original song. The duo blend Jim’s guitar and Jo’s pure vocal delivery with percussion and clarinet.

They will introduce you to memorable characters and intriguing tales inspired by their travels and the people they have met along the way. At times heartbreaking, at times wry, a Milton Hide performance always engages and charms an audience, leaving them wanting more.

Our Competition Entry

We have entered a competition with our new song, The Return Of The Bloodied Crow. You can vote for it on Youtube by clicking the ‘Like’ (thumbs up) icon.

Cover of Temperature's Rising album

The Holloway, Milton Hide’s second full album

We’ve finally released our second full album and it’s got some great reviews, such as:
“…The Holloway is another great release from a great duo at the very height of their musical prowess.”

See full reviews here

Cover of Temperature's Rising album

Temperature’s Rising, Milton Hide’s first full album

We are insanely proud of our first full album and the reviews it achieved, such as:
“…There isn’t a bad track on this album and it left a big smile on my face. It is some of the most heart-warming and uplifting music I’ve heard in a while.”
Spiral Earth

See full reviews here

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60 by 60

We’re doing 60 gigs btween our 59th and 60th birthdays and writing up about each one




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