Milton Hide, Jim Tipler and Jo Church from East Sussex, weave eloquent, well-crafted story-based songs. Jim’s guitar and Jo’s clarinet blend perfectly with the duo’s pure vocal harmonies. Their music has been described by critics as “reminiscent of the Moody Blues” (Living Tradition), “a touch of Fleetwood Mac” and “vintage Steeleye” (Spiral Earth).

Their debut album, ‘Temperature’s Rising’ was recorded during lockdown in 2020 and released in Spring 2021. The Holloway was released in 2023 and both albums have received great reviews.

 Building on Jim’s experience of many years playing in folk and roots bands, they joined forces as Milton Hide in 2017 and have entertained audiences at such diverse venues as the The Oasthouse Theatre, Rainham, the Telescope Dome at the Observatory Science Centre in Herstmonceux and the Golden Hinde in London. Folk club and Festival appearances include Irvine Folk Club, Croydon Folk Club, Rochester Sweeps, Fishguard Folk Festival and Wimbourne Festival.

A must see, Milton Hide will transport you into a fascinating, sometimes hilarious world of stories in song, introducing a host of intriguing and memorable characters on the way. At the end of the evening you will be humming their music all the way home.

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