Today is the day!

Finally we are releasing our debut album, Temperature’s Rising.

It has been a long wait but is SO worth it. The extra time given to us by the lockdown transformed the album into something we hadn’t really invisaged. John Fowler put hours, days, weeks and months of work into recording, mixing and producing something extraordinary. Our guest musicians were originally intended to be joining us one by one in the recording studio, plus we were going to have one final big band number with everyone around the table together. But of course that couldn’t happen. So everyone stepped up and recorded their own pieces for the tracks and John wove his magic.


All 12 of the tracks are our own songs and every one is different – we refuse to be pigeonholed! Don’t expect a traditional folk album. We have kept some of the tracks simple, similar to how we would perform them live on stage (oh, how we look forward to doing that again!). Other tracks have a rocky feel, some have ‘gone country’, others are something truly unique.


You can buy the album NOW on our SHOP PAGE or download it from Bandcamp.

Jim Tipler – Vocals, guitar, piano

Josie tipler – vocals, clarinet, cajon, xylophone


Thanks to:

Clare Fowler – backing vocals, refreshments and patience by the bucket load

John Fowler – drums, electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, backing vocals, recording, engineering, mixing, producing, being amazing

Phil Jones – Double bass

Ian McIlroy – Accordion

Bruce Knapp – electric guitar, resonator guitar

Simon Yapp – Violin

Helen Bryant – cover painting

Carol Kemp – hand lettering

Alex Thomas – photography

Bruce Hamilton – scanning

Mark Beazley – Mastering

Everyone who supported our Crowdfunder campaign and pre-ordered the album


Thank you





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