Event by Bluebell Roots – Music in the Kitchen Sunday, January 31, 2021 at 7:30 PM UTC – 9:30 PM UTC Price: Free · Duration: 2 hr Public · Anyone on or off Facebook Join us and join in with Bluebell Roots online on 31 Jan. Performers: We aren’t featuring a particular performer this time – it will be more like an open floor session. Drop us a message for an invitation to the virtual studio. Viewers: We’re going to give this a try this time. You can watch/listen to our performers as usual and, if you’re a Bluebell Roots Regular and fancy getting involved, we’d like to invite you to pop in to the virtual studio for a chat. Just as we do at an actual Bluebell Roots evening. Send us a message either before or even during the evening and we’ll do our best to get you in MONEY!! OK, there are costs involved in streaming this and we need to build up our funds again to book artists to play in person in the future. We have exhausted the money we had in the kitty, so, just as per our regular Bluebell Roots evening, we will be shaking a saucepan for contributions. Obviously if you cannot afford to contribute, you are still very welcome – that has always been the way we work. We are certainly hoping to be back in the actual Bluebell Kitchen as soon as we safely can and look forward to seeing you then. Neil and Jim and Josie (Milton Hide) will be hosting, with Milton Hide kicking of the music as always. Just click on ‘Going’ to confirm your attendance, and tune in at 7:30pm on Sunday via the Bluebell Roots – Music in the Kitchen page! https://www.facebook.com/FolkArlington
Last month we took part in ELSTOAF instead – watch it here: