Album no.2 update

Oct 5, 2022

A quick update!

We have had a very busy year with gigs all over the country as well as all sorts of other stuff – day jobs, family weddings, AirBnB bookings, art demos, keeping in touch with family. Amongst all that the recording of our second album has been carrying on from where we left it last autumn.

Working with Phil Jones and joining other artists under Long Way Home Music has been a lot of fun and inspiring as well as hard word of course. We have pretty much all the recording under our belt and are now at the mixing stage. We are delighted with what’s going on the album and are considering a release date in early spring 2023. We also have a name for the album…

…but that will come under another post so stay tuned 😉

Selfie of Jim and Josie standing in front of a wall, in Lymen Regis, smiling at the camera

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