We had one of our best gigs ever on Sunday. Neither of us could stop grinning. We’ve played here before but never had such the enthusiastic response we had this time. Usually in a pub you expect to be ignored the majority of the time, especially when they serve food, but here the music seems to be the draw. We had a great reception after the first number so knew we were in for a good night.

The Stag is in the old town up a short flight of stone steps so not very easy for loading in or parking, but we managed to stop outside briefly. I then found a parking spot at a 4 hour (up to 8pm) space about 5 minutes walk away, which was fine as we arrived at 4.30. It would be possible to come by train with a small PA and fewer instruments (and not in torrential rain) – 1.5 miles, about 25 minute walk from Hastings station, or 1 mile and 20 minutes from Ore Station (bit more hilly).

Inside there is a stage in the corner, amazing as it’s quite a tiny, ancient pub. We know it well from college days and the Dawgs often played there. There is a back room for food and a garden. I’d say about 25-30 people were in the bar during our set.

We have some lovely Hastings fans, Dave, Shirley, Anne and Colin, who come to loads of our gigs, so it was lovely to see them there. Other local friends and family came and Nick (and Nic) who run the place are really friendly too so we felt truly welcome and appreciated from the off.

Two new songs went down well, one videod by Dave as we dedicated it to Sarah, another fan who has moved to Weymouth, as it was her birthday. We almost stuck to the set list but threw in a couple of extra more lively ones as the audience seemed up for it. We forgot to play Nic’s favourite, Buckle Up, so will have to come again. John and Clare of Dandelion Charm had loaned us a PA, as our had gone pop, which worked really well as the sound was excellent.

Some cards and a badge sold from the merch box. Lots of chat afterwards and a decent fee.