Milton Hide News

14th February 2020

Feeling the love!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far - we're doing really well with the album fund

We've got another week to run so there is still time to choose from the great selection of rewards on offer.

You can book us for a House Concert in your own home! Go to the Crowdfunder Page – click SUPPORT US and then choose the reward you want. 

12th February 2020

Progress on the album...

11th February 2020

And the winner is....

We've finally come up with a title for our debut album:

Temperature's Rising

It seemed appropriate in the current climate (pun intended) and fits well with some of the tracks that feature on the album.

It also goes really well with the painting created by Helen Bryant as the cover illustration. Here's a little bit of it as a teaser - we'll show you the whole thing when the design is finished, including lettering by carol Kemp.

We are lucky to know so many creative people!

You can pre-order your copy of the album, Temperature's Rising, now by  going to the Crowdfunder Page – click SUPPORT US and then choose the reward you want. 

8th February 2020

Milton Hide's First Album

Our Crowdfunder project is to help us raise funds to record our first full album. It's an incredibly exciting project and we have lots of wonderful and talented people involved.
The end product will be an album available as a tangible and rather beautiful CD. And for those who no longer use CD players, you can buy a digital download. 

You can pre-order your copy now by  going to the Crowdfunder Page – click SUPPORT US and then choose the reward you want. 

By the way, before you check out you can change the optional 'tip' to Crowdfunder to £0 if you wish - it comes up as an automatic 15% for some reason, please don't be put off. We do appreciate the Crowdfunder site and it is helping us raise funds, but they do get a percentage of the funds raised via the site so a tip isn't essential. 

Here's a video of us performing our song, Christmas Lite

I know it's not Christmas, but it's not REALLY about Christmas, it's about being happy with the simple things in life. We're really pleased with this video created Andrew Nicholls of Agony Inc.

7th February 2020

Milton Hide's First Album

One of my favourite rewards that we are offering for supporters of our Crowdfunder Project is a Birdsong Tour of Milton Hide (the place).
Join local bird enthusiast, Charlie Peverett, on a guided 2 hour group walk to Milton Hide in Wilmington Wood (East Sussex, UK). Learn to identify the many sounds of birds including, hopefully, nightingales. Thursday 21st May, 2020. 8pm - 10pm.

The project ends on 20th February so don't miss out on booking your ticket to this lovely event. Charlie came to Pickhams in Wilmington last Spring and helped to identify an incredible number of songbirds in the gardens and local area to a large (but quiet ssssh) group. 

Here's a video of us performing our song, A Little Bit Alike

This show was at what was the Underground Theatre in Eastbourne, but is now The Grove Theatre, the venue where we will be holding our Album Launch in July!

5th February 2020

Milton Hide's First Album

Another reward we are offering to help raise funds for our First Album Project is a Milton Hide Appearance at Your Event
We'll join you at your event - birthday party, private dining, celebration, etc - and perform up to a 60 minute concert of our own songs. For venues further than 20 miles from Wilmington, East Sussex we would need to charge extra travel expenses (ask us for details)

Here's a video (on Facebook) of us at a recent practice...

Milton Hide in Sunflower Field

4th February 2020

Milton Hide's First Album

We are delighted by, and grateful for the support that we have received by so many people for our Crowdfunder project.
The project, Milton Hide's First Album, runs until 20th February and we are already a quarter of the way to achieving our target. We now just need a push to get us over the line and realise the full potential of the project.

We have set up lots of Rewards for people to choose from on the Crowdfunder page - we don't expect something for nothing. You can buy special T shirts (not available on our shop page yet), buy other merchandise, get tickets to events and lots more.

Of course, you can pre-order a copy of the album on CD! This is what we are working towards - recording our very first album and releasing it on CD.  Head over to the Crowdfunder page and reserve your copy now!

When you visit the page, be sure to click the orange SUPPORT US button to see the full list of rewards on offer

Here's a video of us performing our song, Pull The wool