How much are tickets for the evening?

We don't charge for tickets but the music is not free - we take a collection during the evening. 
We want everyone to be able to come along and enjoy the evening so simply ask you to donate what you can afford - we recommend a £5 donation per person, which goes towards paying invited guest performers. If you are able to give more, that is great.

Do I have to book?

Yes - you need to book in advance. Booking opens 2 weeks before the event.
You can come along just to listen to the music or you can book a place at the table for a meal. The meal costs £10 per portion and is payable on the night.
Only those who have booked a seat at the table will be guaranteed a meal.

What time should I arrive?

The evening starts at 6.30pm sharp. Please do not arrive before 6pm. The evening usually ends at about 9.30 / 10pm and we ask you to wait until the end before leaving to avoid disturbing performers and audience.  

Is there a bar?

No, please bring your own drinks and glasses. 

How do I get to play a Floor Spot?

What we are attempting to do with Bluebell Roots is to create an evening where everyone feels part of proceedings. The floor spots are an opportunity for you to play to a listening, attentive audience which is quite a rare thing! You also get to share the stage with other great performers.

We don’t think it’s fair for people to perform just one item and we don’t want people to make a potentially wasted journey - driving out to us to find there isn’t time to include them - so we now ask you to reserve your slot a couple of days before the event. This won't be on a strict first come first served basis though as we want to try and avoid becoming too cliquey, so please do understand if you are a regular and we ask you to relinquish your reservation (in advance).

We do not pay floor spot performers - if you would like to be paid to perform, please ask us about being an invited guest performer. 

How do you book the invited guest performers?

Many of the recent invited guest performers have contacted us to ask if they can play, sometimes we contact someone that has been recommended to us or that we have seen. 

Our policy is to open a window for a few weeks during which we arrange the programme for the following year. We are fully booked for 2020 but if you are interested in playing in 2021 please CONTACT US  at the beginning of September 2020

Our invited guests receive the donations collected during the evening less a small amount we take out for expenses. We provide a meal and drinks and a lift to/from the local station if needed. If you are coming some distance we may be able to arrange somewhere to sleep for the night.

Who are the organisers?

Bluebell Roots is run by Jim and Josie Tipler of Milton Hide and Neil Povey ofHailsham FM. They run the event on a voluntary basis.
The food is prepared by Philippa and Michael Vine of the Bluebell Farmhouse Kitchen

Bluebell Roots Hall of Fame

2020 Pandemic sessions

Oct 25th - Live on Facebook and Youtube
Sept 27th  - Live on Facebook and Youtube
Aug 30th - live on Facebook from the Bluebell Woods
July 26 - 5pm live on Facebook from the Bluebell Woods
June 28 7.30pm - Live on Facebook and Youtube
May 31 7.30pm - Live online - Paul McClure, the rutland Troubadour.
APR 26 7.30pm - Facebook Live event on Facebook
MAR 29 Cheer Up Mollys - Postponed
Facebook Live event instead 7.30pm on Facebook

FEB 23 Minnie Birch & Robert Lane
JAN 26 SOLD OUT! Hatful of Rain
DEC 29 Dan Searle and King Size Slim
NOV 24 Oliver Cherer and Grant Sharkey
OCT 27 Arcelia
SEP 29 Toontones
AUG 25 Jeremiah Longshanks and The Purple Shoes
JUL 28 Ellie Ford
JUN 30 Terry Lees and Hickory Signals
MAY 26 The Self Help Group and Mike Reinstein
APR 28 Dandelion Charm and John Forrester
MAR 31 Pemberton Smith
FEB 24 Bev Lee Harling and Jamie Freeman
JAN 27 The Kimberleys and Kevin Minney. 1 Year of Bluebell Roots
DEC 30 SOLD OUT - Lily Ramona and Milton Hide. New Year's Eve's Eve
NOV 25 Christine Heartsong and Bernard Hoskin
OCT 28 Cracks in the Land and Folk in Adur
SEP 30 Oliver Hall and Moltenamba Trio
AUG 26 Andy Melrose and Judy Granville
JUL 29 Grant Sharkey and King Size Slim
JUN 24 Ian Roland, Charlie Tipler and Milton Hide
MAY 27 Luna, Night House & guest host Kevin Barber
APR 29 Hickory Signals and Self Help Group (Solo)
MAR 25 Mike Reinstein and Trevor Moss
FEB 25 Jamie Freeman and Chalk Horse Music
JAN 21 Bluebell Roots launch night! Dave Beckett and Swan Steps