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Milton Hide in Sunflower Field
‘Say It All The Time’ – renowned East Sussex duo Milton Hide release fund-raising single to raise awareness of male suicide

Released: 10th October 2019 (World Mental Health Day) in digital formats

Prompted by a bleak mood that came over him during a walk on the South Downs one day and the subsequent death of a musician friend who had tragically taken his own life, East Sussex-based singer-songwriter, Jim Tipler, was inspired to write a song putting all those feelings into words. Recording it with his wife and musical partner, Josie, the duo joined forces with acclaimed producer and musician, John Fowler, and talented local film-maker, Alex Thomas. Proceeds from sales of the single will go to CALM – the Campaign Against Living Miserably. CALM is leading a movement against suicide, the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. They run a confidential advice line seven days a week.

Milton Hide’s Jim Tipler comments:
“The inspiration for Say It All The Time was in fact a short film called ‘Black Tuesday’ which I made for a competition entry a couple of years ago. It was a three-minute long movie of a walk on the South Downs. I was in a very bleak mood and I just started filming what I saw and then came up with a script. I’ve never felt ‘suicidal’ but on that day, for no apparent reason, my mood was very dark. I don’t usually write songs about feelings. They tend to be more kind of story or situation-based but the lyrics of this song tie in quite closely with the script of the movie and speak of how many of us, particularly men, hide our feelings, when actually the ‘brave’ thing to do is to share them. I came up with the idea for turning the script into a song shortly after the shocking news that a fellow musician and friend that I had only recently got to know had taken his own life. This was only a few months after a member of my extended family had done the same.”

“I’m really hoping the record and video boost awareness of what can only be described as an epidemic of male suicide and will maybe raise some money towards running a helpline that could save a life or make life a little more bearable for those who have lost loved ones this way. CALM seemed like a great fit. Josie, my wife and bandmate, and I have three grown-up sons so we are only too painfully aware of the terrible statistics around male suicide.”

Simon Gunning, CEO of the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), said:
“As an organisation that has always worked closely with the music community, we’re delighted that Milton Hide have chosen to support CALM with their new single. Music can be a powerful forum for conversation and expression, so it’s great to see the band sharing such a positive message and using their platform to raise awareness of the issue of suicide and of the services that are available to anyone who may be going through a tough time.”

Reflecting on the process of recording the song and filming the accompanying video, Jim, comments:
“John Fowler’s treatment of the song is incredible. He is such an amazing musician and producer. He discussed what he wanted to do with it in terms of giving it an epic sound whilst retaining the dreamy ethereal quality of Josie’s voice. He did most of the instrumentation, with me doing my acoustic guitar thing and backing vocals. those people that have heard Milton Hide before might be a little surprised but we are so excited by what he’s achieved. Independently of that, a talented film-maker friend of ours, Alex Thomas, said he really wanted to do a video of it. We thought it churlish to refuse both of these generous offers and thought that we could repay that generosity by helping a charity. We roped in loads of mates to help depict a party scene where the host is the centre of attention but feels isolated. A brilliant way of showing the loneliness we can all experience in a crowd.”
Milton Hide by Elizabeth-Doak-MH3
Media enquiries to: Darren Johnson +44 (0)7799 731 682
Information about CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) can be found at:
Milton Hide is Jim Tipler and Josie Tipler


press releases

Milton Hide are thrilled to announce the release of their first official EP - Little Fish. Scheduled for release 28 April.

Milton Hide had a flying start to their first musical year - opening for R2 Folk Awards Winner, Jim Moray, supporting the legendary Martin Carthy and the iconic singer-songwriter Steve Tilston. They wrote and recorded a charity Christmas single, Christmas Lite. Now they have honed their stage craft, written new material, created new arrangements and have just released their first official EP, Little Fish.
Jim Tipler and Josie Tipler (née Church) met at the age of 17 at art college in Hastings where they both studied graphic design. To raise extra cash they would go busking in Eastbourne town centre - often competing with the salvation army and pan pipes - Jim on piano accordion and Josie on clarinet.
Josie had wanted to learn the harp at school but was persuaded by her parents that the clarinet would be her instrument as it would straighten her ‘wonky’ teeth. Jim comes from southeast London stock where there was always a piano in the front room and family get togethers would feature people getting up to ‘do a turn’. They married in 1988.
Jim has always been involved with bands - usually folk/roots/blues in nature - and with his accordion- playing brother, Bob, formed the popular ‘Cajun Dawgs’ - a swampy, rockin’ Louisiana-style outfit. Jim went on to form The Pistol Shrimps - a union of The Cajun Dawgs and fellow cajun-style band, Rough Chowder. After both acts had run their course and disbanded in 2016, Jim persuaded Josie to pick up the clarinet once again and come out to play - easier now that their three sons had grown up and left home.
Taking the name of a local patch of woodland and scrub, from the very start Milton Hide decided they were going to write and perform original material and set out playing floor spots at folk clubs and open mics. Jim reworked some of the material he had written for previous bands to make it suitable for an acoustic duo and Josie started to write highly idiosyncratic and witty lyrics to which Jim added the music.

Milton Hide have started their second year with the release of their first official recording - an EP entitled Little Fish. Rather than recreating an authentic, ‘live’ Milton Hide performance they decided to use instrumentation and guest musicians to present the songs in the best way they could and produce something more like a mini album than an EP. The CD features a painting and hand-printed sleeve, both created by Josie, with sleeve design by Jim, thanks to their art and design background.
Recorded and co-produced by their son, Chuck Tipler, The EP includes six highly original and varied songs, each of which brings melody and hooks that will stick like a very sticky thing.
Here’s what the band say about them:
1. Home Is Where Your Heart Is (the single from the EP)
Being the classic penniless musicians, we wrote this song as a wedding gift. Dedicated to an amazing couple and wonderful friends who were particularly affected by the Brexit referendum.
2. Monkyn Pyn
A song with a very interesting sounding title which takes its name from an area near where we live in East Sussex. After some research we found that Monkyn Pyn is simply and disappointingly derived from “Monks’ Pen”, ie. the pen where the Wilmington Priory monks kept animals. We thought it deserved a more interesting story so we wrote this original song.
3. Better Off Dead
Josie always refers to this as a song about life insurance, of which there can’t be very many (maybe this is the only one). It was written as a kind of protest against the austerity policy brought in by the government of the day.
4. Perfect Place To Hang
Sounds like it was written on a very cold, wet day in France - and that’s because it was. Don’t take the lyrics too literally - it’s written more as a lament about Brexit.
5. Love Is A Bitch (Then you die)
Many of the best songs ever written come from a background of heartache, misery and pain. Unfortunately for us we have been ecstatically happy together ever since the day we met. Happily though we have known many people who have suffered badly at the hands of love. (These tales are fictional and bare no relationship to any person - living or deceased).
6. Little Fish
In Japan Kodomo no Hi, Children’s Day, is when Koinobori (carp kites) are flown all over the country. The carp swims upstream, even jumping over small waterfalls, so parents wish for their children to be strong and determined like the carp. This one is for our beautiful boys - Chuck, Lawrie and Bill.

“Milton Hide’s honesty of songwriting, subtlety of musicianship and natural on-stage chemistry sees them never fail to connect with and impress an audience.’”
Trevor Moss. The Lantern Society
“Male/female duo, authentically delivering trad tunes with a very modern twist. Excellent original songwriting that you’d expect from such a seasoned, creative and talented team. Definitely not to be missed”
Chris Giles, Folk Is Not A Dirty Word And Neither Is Country “Charming music, beautifully performed, lovely people.”
Mrs Yarrington’s Music Club
“Right at the start of our first listen to Milton Hide’s live show we could see that they are both skilled musicians and together they create a beautiful folk-infused sound. Clearly they are both charming people and this really shows through on the stage. We left the show feeling uplifted”
Rob and Sarah of the Red Dirt Skinners c/o Sidegoat records
“Milton Hide are a fantastic folk duo with outstanding original songs to keep you entertained. They appeared on my radio show for a live session and were an absolute pleasure to have on. Highly recommend.”
Stuart Clack-Lewis. the Premium Blend Radio Show
“Milton Hide are an immensely talented folk duo who write and perform alluring songs embracing their perspective of the world past and present.”
Dylan Hibbert. The Alternative Slot, Hailsham FM
For more info and bookings, contact:
07980 892072